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10 things you should consider when building an accessible app

Mobile app development Dubai has shaken almost every industry in the world and continues to do so with great vigor. With thousands of applications at your service, there is a lot to notice. There is application for almost everything. From healthcare services to salon treatments at home, we have it all. Businesses all over the world are now stepping into the world of digitization and developing applications for services that might not even be their core product or service. Apps that thrive the most have a few recognizing qualities that include functionality, diversity, design and most importantly accessibility. This article explores 10 most important things that you need to consider before starting mobile app development Dubai for accessible applications.

Before getting into the 10 ways, you must know that accessibility applications are ones that offer people with a disability or impairment easy access to view and learn and use apps. So, this is what you should consider:

1. Vision:

Many users using mobile app development Dubai, have impaired vision and this proves difficult when using an app. This can include color blindness and slight blindness. Offering screen readers can allow them to access apps easily.

2. Hearing:

Many users of mobile apps can be deaf or have a minor hearing impairment. You can offer videos and special sound clips to enable better user experience for mobile app development Dubai.

3. Literacy:

Often overlooked by mobile apps, literacy often hinders use of apps hence your app should consider ease of use to avoid digital literacy by offering simple language, shorter sentences and voice feedback.

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4. Mobility:

People with physical motor limitations can be offered gestures on apps and navigational facilities specific to their location.

5. UI:

Make sure your app allows users to zoom in and have various resolutions in order to provide more accessibility for mobile app development Dubai. This also includes color handling and contrast.

6. Content:

The font style, the amount of text and what is written is also important and needs to be visible and easy to comprehend in order to maximize experience for mobile app development Dubai.

7. Design:

The design of your app should be clear and minimal in order to avoid clutter and make sure that users don’t leave the app instantly.

8. Voice recognition:

For better mobile app development Dubai, offer this feature to enable visually disabled people ease and better user experience.

9. Layout:

You should make sure that the layout of your app is proportionate and better looking. This will make it easier for your users to ensure functionality and accessibility.

10. Videos and sounds:

You can offer this for people with hearing impairments as this will recite the text and read aloud for better experience.

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