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Bathroom Renovation Rip-Offs to Watch out for!


Bathrooms are one of the smallest rooms you would have in the house and would be the most expensive room to renovate. When there is proper planning and expertise, Melbourne Bathroom Renovations could be a great investment that could drastically improve the value of your house. It can make a huge difference to the enjoyment of your home.

You could easily find bathroom renovators in your locality, discuss your requirements, fix the budget and plan the renovation. If you plan to sell or rent out your home, you could get a good price for the property or could rent it out for a higher rate when compared to rates before renovation.

Have a look at some of the bathroom renovation rip-offs which you should be careful of.

  • Spending too much or too less: The amount you should spend on a bathroom renovation would differ depending on the individual needs, the value of the property, style of your home and bathroom.  If it’s a family home, there would be high demand for bathrooms, and they would look for more practical designs than in the house of a couple’s small apartment. The style of the home could also be an important factor here. Investing in an opulent bathroom would still be necessary to complement a home’s luxury appeal.
  • Carrying out a full renovation when a minor one would do

This can be a common renovator mistake to rip out a good and functional bathroom when a new look can be achieved with mild changes. However, when you look at your bathroom closely, you might realise that the structure is great. The minor renovation would require you to change the layout of plumbing which can be time-consuming and costly but replacing the vanity, wall tiles, taps etc. would potentially help you save a lot of money. You could remove the old shower and add a new one. All the fittings can be changed, and the look might change for good.

  • Hiring Dodgy people for work

You might be looking to save money wherever possible on a bathroom renovation, but some things should be done in the right way and one of those is to hire the people who do a good job. Well-experienced people in the field who are licensed and insured should be hired for the purpose. Both plumbing and electrical work should be done by experts in the respective fields.  You can either coordinate the tradespeople by yourself to save money or pay to have a company or a builder manage them for you. However, if you opt for the latter, make sure that the project manager has a good experience when it comes to bathroom renovations and is connected with experienced tradespeople.

  • Picking trendy over functional

Bathroom trends and styles would come and go but it is very important to have a style that would age reasonably by emphasizing functionality. Bathrooms might easily get outdated, but the functionality is what should be the priority. The choice of bathroom style should be directed by the style of the house and remain consistent. Renovating a bathroom in an older house might not specifically increase the value of the property if the rest of the house looks dated.