DotYeti First Unlimited Graphic Design Service to Offer NFT Artwork for Their Clients


DotYeti collaborates closely with next generation artists to design NFT artwork for anyone who wants to start a NFT-collection.

Singapore, January 10th 2022- Unlimited graphic design service DotYeti launches their highly anticipated NFT design category, pioneering the way for NFTs to enter the mainstream creative world. DotYeti is the first unlimited graphic design service in the world to offer high-quality NFT artwork to entrepreneurs looking to get their NFT artwork delivered in the most efficient and affordable way. By combining years of experience working with the most iconic clients with a passion for innovation, DotYeti’s acclaimed designers are capable of bringing your unique NFT ideas to life.

“NFTs are increasingly growing in popularity and are entering mainstream culture. Instead of waiting for the train to leave the station, we’re jumping in the control cabin with forward-thinking clients who are looking to build and curate their NFT collection with the help of an unlimited graphic design service. Backed by years of experience, our creative team full of artists is ready to quickly ideate, design and deliver NFTs that get your brand noticed”

NFTs are a fascinating and growing phenomenon of the digital world that is undeniably the next chapter in artwork and design. Their unique blockchain signature enables them to be securely bought, sold and traded without any authenticity concerns. This seamlessly solves the persistent problem of counterfeiting that the art community has been dealing with for centuries. Additionally, they are a wonderfully creative way to express individuality and personality. By providing creative support to the NFT community in a speedy manner, DotYeti is ready to contribute to the movement of digital natives working diligently to expand the possibilities of the tech-based future.

DotYeti’s unlimited NFT design plan starts from a flat fee $1,145/month and includes a dedicated design team, account manager and Art Director to oversee the successful completion of all your projects. They come with unlimited designs and unlimited revisions. NFTs can also be commissioned on a pay-as-you-go basis for clients looking to try out one project at a time.

Check out their website for more information about their NFT-artwork design service.