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Exciting New Dolce & Gabbana Fashion Design NFT Challenge

Dolce & Gabbana Fashion

In the 1980s, two Italian men in their 20s started one of the most influential fashion brands — the eponymous Dolce & Gabbana. Just over 40 years after their first meeting, they continue to highlight the creativity and ingenuity of youth, as well as anyone with an innovative spirit, through the Future Rewind Competition.

New Dolce & Gabbana Digital Design Contest Blends Classic with Contemporary

As the name of the contest suggests, entrants will be looking forward to the future with their submissions. Applicants must submit digital designs as their entries, and these looks will become nonfungible tokens.

The participants also pay homage to tradition in this challenge by incorporating D&G’s classic patterns into their designs. Contestants must base their looks on one or any combination of the following D&G prints:

•        Venice Carretto

•        Zebra

•        Leopard

•        Blue Mediterranean

•        Black lace

Applicants can also base designs on the famous D&G logos or incorporate these into other designs. The looks can represent any medium as long as the work is digital. Applicants must send a link to a portfolio folder with their submissions.

This contest is the first of its kind. Dolce & Gabbana is helming this program with its partner, UNXD. The competition occurs as part of the Metaverse Fashion Week, from March 28th through 31st, which occurs in the virtual world of Decentraland.

Designers who want to participate in the contest must provide at least five digital looks. The maximum number of submissions per participant will be 20. Entrants do not need professional experience, formal education or a large social following to enter.

Applicants Can Gain Many Benefits from Entering

Dolce & Gabbana is sponsoring this event to illuminate up-and-coming talent in the fashion world. D&G founders Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have expressed their desire to support young talent and extend mentorship with this competition.

Finalists will receive constructive criticism on their works from D&G professionals before presenting them for display at Metaverse Fashion Week. D&G will also refine the final looks, which will become part of the Future Rewind digital collection. D&G will airdrop this collection to DGFamily holders.

Winning designers will receive credit for their designs. D&G will divide 50% of royalties among the winners according to the number of winning designs.

The fashion house does not make guarantees of future partnerships with participants or winners. However, Dolce & Gabbana and its partner for this endeavor, the NFT marketplace UNXD, constantly seek new and exciting individuals to collaborate with and will have an eye out for possible partnerships during this competition and future initiatives.

Decentraland will present a showcase for the finalists in the Dolce & Gabbana space during Metaverse Fashion Week. DGFamily holders will vote on pieces, as will a jury of experts, including Mr. Dolce and Mr. Gabbana.

The winners will comprise 15 to 20 pieces. D&G’s official Instagram and Twitter accounts will post the winning designs and tag the finalists in the posts.

The Final Submission Date is Approaching

The last day to submit designs to Dolce & Gabbana is Sunday, March 12th, 2023. Go to the submission form on UNXD’s page and upload a link to your portfolio to enter. All the best!