GLOBAL CTB Review – Is Global CTB Scam or Legit?

Global CTB review

To completely understand the review of something, we first need to understand it.

This article will tell you everything you need to know and understand about GLOBAL CTB.

Global CTB is a legitimate and licensed crypto brokerage that gives traders worldwide the opportunity to trade tons of cryptocurrencies via an innovative trading platform.

It is a brokerage platform with a specialty in crypto trading and other financial services. The web-based trading platform is equipped with tools and features that will help traders and investors enjoy their trading experience.


Global CTB has come out as one of the top trading companies. The company keeps its users assured, and its safety features encourage the confidence of the traders into trading. The users are confident and secured with the company’s policies and feel safe before trading their hard-earned money.

We will discuss all the company’s features in detail to have a detailed knowledge of the company in this Global CTB review.


  • High-Quality Services:

Global CTB has a specialty in crypto trading, and hence this broker tends to provide its users with very high-quality services.

  • Versatility in Crypto Trading:

Global CTB provides its client with a range of cryptocurrencies to ease their work and make their experience more enjoyable.

The clients can trade-in

– Bitcoin (BTC)

– Ethereum (ETH)

– Litecoin (LTC)

– Ripple (XRP)

– Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

– Digital Cash (DASH)

– Monero

– Neo, etc.


  • The Global CTB is a very well-established brokerage, and it follows the rules and guidelines laid by the financial regulatory authorities very strictly. This ensures total safety and protection of the funds, investments, and the data of the clients.
  • To ensure the data’s total safety and conversations, the data transmission between the server and the client is protected with the latest SSL encrypted technology.
  • Also, the Global CTB brokerage very finely implements the KYC (Know Your Customers) security policy. In this policy it requires brokerage firms to verify and identify the documents of their clients. This helps overcome the issues of cybercrime, terrorist activities, money laundering, identity theft, fraud, and various other forms of financial irregularities.
  • The Global CTB very strictly complies with the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) international security policy to efficiently combat any activities initiated by money launderers or hackers.

All these policies and their strict implementation by Global CTB ensure a customer-friendly trading space and a safe environment.


The Global CTB brokerage provides a customer-friendly, easy to use, and interactive trading platform to its customers. This platform is named as THE WEB TRADER.


  • It is a web-based trading platform and offers its traders unlimited access to the market through the browser on the Internet.
  • Web traders do not need any installation, updating, or downloads. It can be easily accessed through any search engines or Internet-enabled web browsers named Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Yahoo, etc.
  • Web traders grant flexibility and versatility to the user as it can be used anywhere and everywhere in devices like laptops, PC, mobile phones, tablets, etc.
  • It is regularly updated with the latest trading tools, technology, and services. This provides professional trading experience to traders and investors on the platform of the Global CTB.


The Global CTB provides a user-oriented environment and hence offers multiple kinds of trading accounts. These trading accounts have been differentiated and designed in such ways that it caters to the demands and requirements of each of the trader or investor.

There are mainly six kinds of trading accounts. All these account holders enjoy 24/6 customer support, PRO webinars, daily market reviews, and access to the educational portal.

  1. The BASIC Account:

This is the first type of trading account on the Global CTB brokerage platform. The minimum requirement of this account is $250. This low requirement deposit of the account makes it safe for the newbies in cryptocurrency and crypto trading. The clients availing this account have access to 24 hours of customer support, daily market review, PRO webinars, and access to the educational portal. It also provides a trading bonus of 30%.

  1. The BEGINNERS Account:

The Beginners Account is suitable for those users who have little knowledge and awareness about cryptocurrencies and crypto trading. The minimum required deposit for the account is $10,000 and provides a welcome bonus of 40%. The access enjoyed by traders is 24/6 support, access to junior account manager, and an educational portal.

  1. The MEDIUM Account:

This account is appropriate for intermediate users with significant knowledge in this domain. The minimum required deposit amount is $25,000 and a welcome bonus of 60%. Clients avail access to senior account managers concerning their decisions.

  1. The ADVANCED Account:

This account is suitable for traders and investors who have an advanced understanding of crypto trading. The minimum required deposit is $50,000, and the users enjoy a welcome bonus of 70% along with a VIP account manager.

  1. The PRO Account:

This trading account is designed for professional traders and investors. The report requires a minimum of $100,000 and an 80% welcome bonus.

  1. The VIP Account:

This is the highest trading account level and is appropriate for traders and investors who can take up the risk. It has some very exclusive features, and to avail the account, the traders need to get in touch with the managers.


These features are perks to the clients and add to the benefits.

  • The customer service is a 24/6 support that is very polite in their approach to solve their clients’ queries.
  • The educational resources are for the clients to update their knowledge regarding the crypto marketing world and the financial market.


The payment methods accepted by brokerage are:

– Debit Cards or Credit Cards

– Maestro

– Bank Wire Transfer

– Cryptocurrencies

– E-Wallets: Paytm, Neteller, etc.

These offers, provisions, and features prove the Global CTB to be a safe and customer friendly brokerage. Its undeniably one of the crypto brokerages.