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How Shock Absorbing Casters Can Help You Get the Most Out of Your Cart

Shock absorbing casters reduce sway and shimmy. They are made with high-strength chrome-vanadium springs for long-lasting performance. These shock absorbing suspension casters compress at 25 pounds per caster for smooth, cushioned loads and quiet, empty returns. They are designed for heavy-duty applications such as jet engine dollies, aircraft jacks, trash gondolas, lift truck stabilizer casters, revolving signs, and parade floats.

Improves handling

Shock-absorbing suspension casters are excellent for heavy-duty work environments. Heavy equipment is often used in such situations, and heavy objects are sometimes placed on poorly designed tables or movers. Improperly designed casters can cause instability and increase the risk of an on-site accident. Shock-reducing casters are specially designed to reduce vibration and absorb shock during transit. When these casters are used, they can significantly improve handling and reduce the risk of on-site accidents.

Shock-absorbing casters are a great way to reduce unsprung mass and improve your power-to-weight ratio. They also reduce wheel wear and are extremely easy to install, reducing the burden on the suspension components.

Improves durability

Shock absorbing casters improve the comfort of a load by reducing ambient noise. These casters are made from durable materials like aluminum and steel. They can withstand loads of up to 25,000 pounds per caster. The long swivel lead and the high-strength chrome vanadium springs increase the lifespan of shock-absorbing casters. In addition, these casters are excellent for industrial applications, such as aircraft jacks and jet engine dollies. They can also be used in lift truck stabilizer casters.

When choosing shock-absorbing suspension casters for industrial use, consider the type of use they will receive. A production facility or an office setting will require different casters, so consider your industry when choosing a type. The type of use will determine how durable the casters should be. Some applications may need heavier-duty casters, while others require lighter-duty suspension.

Suspension Casters

Adapted to absorb random or non-periodic impact forces on the wheel

Shock-absorbing wheel suspension is a type of suspension designed to dampen the high-impact forces experienced by the wheel. It can absorb high-amplitude forces, such as those experienced when a wheel strikes an obstruction, drops off a small ledge, or moves 15 feet over the floor. Shock-absorbing wheel suspension also helps prevent the transmission of vibrations from the load to the wheel. A method based on the developed method measures the forces induced by random or non-periodic impacts on the wheels. It uses a wheel model to determine the lateral and vertical wheel-rail contact forces, the contact point position, and the ratio of Q/Y. In addition, the developed method can measure contact point position and Y/Q ratio, reducing measurement errors.