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Service with a Smile

Customer service is an integral part of any successful business. No matter the size or type of company, the ability to interact positively with your customers will always be essential. Your company and reputation can benefit if you can use the tips below to take a stressful situation and turn it around.


One of the best ways to convey sincerity and warmth when interacting with customers is to put a smile on your face. Even if the situation is tense or angry, smiling will change both your tone of voice and demeanor which will create a lasting positive impression even if the resolution is not ideal. This technique even works when you are talking on the phone! Smiling is not just putting a friendly face forward; it also alters the way your vocal cords work, literally changing your stern tone of voice to a friendly one.

Empathize and Echo

If there is a problem that is particularly difficult to resolve, relating to the customer is priceless. Showing the customer that you understand and relate to their problem is a great way to build a rapport which will allow for potential solutions to be discussed constructively. Echo their sentiments back to them, even if they are angry or mean ones. Simply telling them that you understand they are frustrated and that you are willing to work on the problem with them can go miles in reducing the tension. Many customers feel that their concerns are not being heard; by showing that you are listening, you are showing that your company cares.

Communicating with customers is an opportunity to convert a potential customer into an actual one and deepen an existing relationship into a lifelong one. By simply smiling and showing compassion, your customer service can go from perfunctory to exceptional.