Becoming speaker at Blockchain INDO 2018,
11-12 May
Target audience at CryptoEvents:

Investors in ICO and cryptocurrencies, ICO-companies, CEO of blockchain-based projects and companies, blockchain-specialists, miners, marketers and lawyers working at field of blockchain-sector.

It's first International Blockchain Conference at Indonesia, so it's gonna be huge event for Indonesian economy and blockchain sphere.

Participation can gave you a perfect opportunity for attracting potential investors to your company and massive coverage in blockchain mass media.

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The Blockchain INDO 2018 is -
Our next large two-day exhibition Blockchain INDO 2018 that will pass on the 11th and 12th of May in Jakarta (Indonesia) which gather approximately 1200 people and 60 speaches from opinon leaders and blockchain professionals.
    To become speaker
    Previous conference in Moscow 2017
    10 000 attendees on conference CryptoEvent 2018 in Moskow