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Time is a factor that influences social media trends. The more times change, the more trends there are online. Topics that are affected by the time that we live in. To cope up with this change, companies need to strategize their technical position in social platforms through the use of social media monitoring tools. NetBaseQuid has a lot to offer in terms of social media tracking. Gear up as you read through their top chosen monitoring tools.

NetBaseQuid Services

The services that you are looking for are precisely what NetBaseQuid offers. NetBaseQuid prides itself on providing monitoring options that are unique to its principles and tailored to meet your needs.

Many clients have reviewed these social media tracking tools and termed them to be user-friendly and useful. Their tools are super encrypted, which makes it hard for third parties to tamper with, they have state of the art sharing capabilities and explicit advertising internalization.

NetBaseQuid are primarily tasked to deliver and manage content, offer a platform to clients for networking, which leads to strong future partnerships. And finally overseeing the transaction of quality online brand-related activities.

Using Social Media Monitoring to Promote Your Business

Online consumers are a group of e-commerce stakeholders whose evolution is rapid. Therefore, their change should go hand in hand with your brand promotion. Social media marketing promotes your brand in the following ways:

Generation of content

Tracking of potential competitors

Detecting potential social media trends and applying them to the brand

Connecting influencers to your brand for further promotion.

Your brand should be able to express itself amid the current market trends.

NetBaseQuid Social Media Monitoring Tools

Your brand promotion is of priority when selecting any social media analytics tool. A consideration to factor in when choosing one tool over the other is how consolidated or independent it is from the different social media monitoring tools. Below is a list of tools considered to be among the best in NetBaseQuid.


Narrow is a tool categorized under the social networking tools section which handles brands on the Twitter social media. It helps create and draw a relevant audience for your brand on Twitter. It generates subjects relevant to tweeps about your brand. Its sole focus is on twitter and its fan base. It incorporates hashtags, location information, keywords, and trending news.

Its subscription package is averaged at $20 per month with renewable offers once purchased.


Also, a social networking tracking tool, Storyheap, allows Snapchat and Instagram channel marketers to have their social media tracking done there. It is a unique tool tailored for these two platforms and goes for a subscription fee of $49 per month. It can track clicks, views, and followers. However, Snapchat is not much “utilized” by most brands.


Branding in community groups – especially Facebook groups has been made easy by Grytics. It offers an online base that manages multiple social media platforms at a go. A pool of features is associated with Grytics, which will help you manage and effect strategies with Facebook groups. Its average pricing is $100 per month.


Could you be interested in a social media monitoring tool that hosts brand campaigns from Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads? Look no further because the Hootuites’s AddEspresso got you covered. There is also an incorporation of options to build your advertising skills. A simulation to test advertising options is also made available. AddEspresso is priced at $69 per month.

While the decision of choosing a brand lies on you and the factors mentioned earlier, NetBaseQuid will walk with you in every step of your brand promotion campaign. Do not hesitate to make contact for more help.